In new research released at CXNYC Forum this week, Forrester found that when customers have better experiences, their intentions to stay with a brand longer, buy more, and recommend that brand all increase. The link between CX and revenue is significant: Forrester found that the largest companies in some industries could earn hundreds of millions in incremental revenue with just a one-point increase in their Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) score.

Unfortunately, many brands make assumptions about consumers’ emotions that negatively impact their experiences. Can you guess which of the following statements are false?

  • Women are more emotional than men.
  • Younger consumers get more emotional about brands than older consumers.
  • Technology dilutes emotional experiences.
  • Easy (and automated) experiences generate loyalty.

The answer is all of them, and one of the reports released this week includes specific use cases from brands like Club Monaco and Hershey’s to prove these consumer generalizations wrong.

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