Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR), a leading provider of research and analysis on emerging technologies, today announced a partnership with CACI Limited, an international leader in direct marketing, marketing analysis and information systems integration.

The partnership will allow UK clients of Forrester’s Technographics research — which measures and analyses technology’s impact on consumer attitudes and behaviour — to overlay CACI’s ACORN classification codes segmenting British residential post codes into demographic and lifestyle types. This combination will allow Technographics clients to build very accurate attitudinal profiles towards technology by UK region, thus creating a uniquely powerful precision tool for marketers to better understand and target British consumers.

“We are very excited to offer this significant enhancement to our Technographics product to UK and European clients, enabling them to combine our research into technology attitudes and behaviours with ACORN’s geo-demographic profiles,” said William Reeve, group director at Forrester. “For the first time ever, UK marketers, especially those managing technology and consumer electronics brands, have the ability to combine detailed research into technology behaviour with a nationwide classification of every household in the country.”

Through this partnership, Technographics clients will have the facility to score panel data of 8,000 UK respondents to Technographics questionnaires against CACI’s ACORN codes, thus enabling them to understand how British consumers adopt emerging technologies on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis.

“Allowing our ACORN Classifications to be added to Forrester Technographics will bring added depth to our geo-demographics profiles,” said Helen Litvak, Head of e-Strategy at CACI. “Now Forrester¿s Technographics clients will be able to not only identify neighbourhoods in Surrey that are of the “Home Owning, Family” ACORN type but also whether they are technology optimists or pessimists and whether they use technology primarily for home, work or entertainment.”

CACI is a world leader in micro-marketing, direct marketing and information systems development. Founded in 1962, CACI has an annual turnover in excess of $500 million and employs more than 5,000 people in office worldwide.

As the UK’s leading high tech marketing company, CACI’s combination of consultancy, software and data enables it to deliver innovative informationsolutions to its clients.

Consumer Technographics Benchmark Europe helps clients develop effective marketing, media, and product strategies for Europe’s most lucrative markets. Surveys are mailed twice each year to 13 key European markets. The research provides extensive information on consumer technology ownership and usage, peoples’ attitudes towards technology, and detailed demographics, along with defined variations outlined for each country. Additionally, it enables clients to understand how consumers’ day-to-day behaviour changes as they adopt new technologies.