Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR), which identifies and analyzes emerging trends in technology and their impact on business, today announced the international launch of its Academic Network Program. For the first time, the program provides students and faculty of post-secondary academic institutions worldwide with exclusive access to Forrester’s unique WholeView™ Research, the same research used by billion-dollar companies.

Forrester is the only research company that offers WholeView Research — unified guidance on customer trends, business strategy, and technology investments — to help companies achieve their business goals.

Forrester’s WholeView Research complements various aspects of a university’s curriculum, in addition to providing greater context for academic case studies and faculty-published works. Several universities, including more than half of the world’s top-ranked business schools, have applied Forrester’s research in the classroom to explore technology’s role in everyday business decisions, its effect on global markets, its ability to catalyze organizational change, and its continuous evolution.

“Forrester’s Academic Network Program has always equipped students with the powerful ideas and intellectual tools they need today to excel in business tomorrow,” said George F. Colony, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Forrester Research. “Forrester’s unique WholeView Research offers even more insights and encourages students to approach real-world business and technology problems from a holistic perspective. WholeView highlights key leadership issues across business, IT, and marketing teams, and provokes the kind of innovative thinking that will empower students in their future careers.”

“Forrester¿s WholeView research is so easy for librarians and students alike to use,” said Rita Costello, collection development librarian at the Rosenfeld Library of the Anderson School at UCLA. “Students are so pleased when they are informed that they have all this access.”

The WholeView Academic Advantage

WholeView provides students, professors, and academic librarians with a user-friendly, barrier-free online resource for current insights and analysis on more than 20 different research areas across vertical markets and technologies.

WholeView comprises objective research from three distinct and open methodologies:

  • Technographics®: the most comprehensive quantitative research program available for determining how technology is considered, bought, and used by consumers and businesses.
  • TechStrategy™: Forrester’s qualitative industry and technology research that analyzes the impact of technology change and informs strategic decision-making.
  • TechRankings™: lab-tested evaluations to deliver analysis and online customization tools for selecting and implementing technology products.

Vertical market research areas include: automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, marketing, media and entertainment, retail, telecommunications, and travel. Technology research areas include: consumer devices and services, content management, customer relationship management, enterprise applications, infrastructure, integration and Web services, manufacturing and B2B, networks and security, procurement and sourcing, services, site technology and design, and supply chain management.

For more information about the Forrester Research Academic Network Program, please contact Forrester’s Academic Program Manager, Jim Poole, at, +1 617/613-5739, or +1 866/FORRESTER (+1 866/367-7378).