In its October 29 issue, Forbes Magazine chose Forrester Research, Inc., a leading emerging-technology research firm, as one of its “200 Best Small Companies in America.” Based on short- and long-term quantitative and qualitative data, Forrester was ranked No. 44, and was one of only a few companies to make the list for five consecutive years.

“We are particularly proud of this year’s citation,” said George F. Colony, chairman of the board and CEO, Forrester Research. “During this economic downturn and period of change, we are relentlessly adjusting, planning, acting, and striving to provide the best research and service to our Global 3,500 clients while ensuring diligent cost control to provide ongoing value to our shareholders.”

According to Forbes, the top 200 small companies — also referred to as “The Hottest Up & Comers” — were scored exclusively based on consistent growth. For more information about The 200 Best Small Companies in America and Forrester’s ranking, please visit: