Underlining its commitment to its European clients, expanding its product offerings and further increasing its brand awareness in Europe, Forrester Research B.V. (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced the appointment of Dennis van Lingen as director of European Marketing.

Emily Nagle Green, managing director of Forrester Research B.V., comments, “Dennis brings a sharp focus and strong leadership skills, along with the experience he gained in leading product marketing teams at Nissan’s European headquarters. Both of these contributions will be critical to ensuring the successful expansion of Forrester in Europe and the launch of new products geared specifically for the European market.”

Dennis comes to Forrester with 12 years’ experience in international marketing — including product and market strategy, product planning and launching, and public relations at Nissan Europe. His experience includes two years of B2B marketing experience at Philips. “As director of European Marketing, Van Lingen will oversee the expansion of Forrester’s portfolio of products and services in Europe, the expansion of the events calendar in Europe, and increased awareness of Forrester throughout Europe by way of integrated communication tools,” Green added.

Van Lingen will report directly to Green at the company’s European headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He will manage a team of seven in Europe and work closely with Mary Modahl, vice president of Marketing, and her team at Forrester’s headquarters in Cambridge, Mass., in the US.