Giga Information Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR), has been appointed as an S-Cat Prime Contractor by Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Buying Solutions to supply the UK government with IT business information services.

Significantly, this is the first time that OGC Buying Solutions has extended the S-Cat awards to include IT business information firms. Following a six-month selection process, Giga was
short-listed as a supplier for this category status.

“Achieving S-Cat Prime Contractor status is a validation of our deep understanding of technology’s fundamental impact on the public sector and a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to supporting UK government departments with pragmatic, practical IT advice,” said Robert W. Davidson, Forrester’s managing director, Europe. “In addition to the tactical research and advisory services provided by Giga, Forrester additionally has the opportunity to provide
S-Cat-approved strategic advisory programs to help local and central government departments build effective, forward-looking IT plans to support eGovernment and Gateway initiatives into 2004 and beyond.”

Andrew Bowen, OGC’s Head of Capability Development commented, “Over 300 companies applied for S-Cat selection but only a select few met the OGC Buying Solutions criteria. Those approved have demonstrated their support of UK government bodies with valued services and a commitment to ongoing value.

“The success of IT-enabled business change programs is a key contributor to the delivery of the government’s agenda. It is essential that those responsible for these programs have access to world-class advice to ensure effective decision-making in the fast-moving world of IT.

“S-Cat ensures that UK government departments and the wider public sector are provided with a pre-approved list of suppliers that meet contractual, value, and service standards set by OGC and provides a shortlist of suppliers to help government agencies with cost-effective procurement solutions,” Bowen added.

A total of eight core services have been approved as part of Giga’s submission, including membership of its CIO Group Senior IT Director Program and access to the archived wealth of independent IT research and inquiry as well as consulting services provided by the respected Giga and Forrester analyst teams.