Be Free, Inc. (NASDAQ: BFRE), the leader of performance marketing, today announced a major partnership with Forrester Research, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORR), the premier source of research and analysis on the global Internet economy. Under the agreement, Forrester Research will use Be Free’s performance marketing services and technology to build and manage an affiliate network.

The two companies will work together to recruit affiliates — industry-specific Web sites that reach specified target audiences — that will offer one or more Forrester products. Some will sell Forrester’s Baseline Research for Internet Entrepreneurs — packages of Forrester Reports that offer issue-specific insights into Internet marketplaces, Web best practices, and online strategies. Other affiliates will offer Forrester PowerRankings™ — unbiased rankings of the leading eCommerce sites — or The eBusiness Voyage™ — an online survey that evaluates eBusiness readiness.

“Over the last six months, Forrester has developed a set of new products designed for online delivery,” said John W. Boynton, vice president of business development at Forrester. “From day one, affiliates have been a critical part of our plan to distribute these products. Be Free will enable us to quickly expand and more efficiently manage our affiliate program. Its commitment to customer success and merchant-branded approach to affiliate marketing make Be Free an ideal online marketing partner for Forrester.”

“This agreement makes a powerful statement about the future of performance marketing as a branding and sales mechanism and about Be Free’s leadership position within the space,” says Gordon B. Hoffstein, president and CEO of Be Free. “Every major investor, CEO, and journalist turns to Forrester for impartial information about the Internet economy. Be Free continues to attract leading brand names like Forrester Research across the spectrum of e-retailers, portals, information sites, and service providers.”

Performance marketing allows online marketers to increase sales, drive traffic, generate qualified leads, and extend brand reach, all while paying only for the performance of their promotions. By paying only for results, marketers lower their customer acquisition costs and increase the power of their marketing budget. Be Free offers a truly customer-focused approach to performance marketing, producing superior overall results for its customers and enabling cross-promotions and cooperative marketing. In addition, Be Free offers a full-service suite of performance marketing services, from leading-edge and scalable infrastructure and tracking technology to reliable reporting and channel management tools to industry knowledge and value-added services.

About Be Free, Inc.
Be Free, Inc. (Nasdaq: BFRE) is the leader of performance marketing — the next generation of online marketing. Be Free helps its customers build and manage uniquely branded online sales channels, e-nabling these sites to capture revenue by selling products in context on locations throughout the Web. Collectively, Be Free’s customers have more than 2.4 million affiliates in their sales channels and include some of the Internet’s leading merchants such as America Online, Inc. (NYSE: AOL), (Nasdaq: BNBN), (Nasdaq: GOTO), Travelocity, Mercata, PC Connection (Nasdaq: PCCC), (Nasdaq: HLYW), CNET, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNET), (Nasdaq: PCLN), and Yahoo! GeoCities (Nasdaq: YHOO). Affiliates can enroll in performance marketing programs using Be Free’s technology with a streamlined application form called FastApp, located at