Forrester Research B.V. (Nasdaq: FORR), Europe’s foremost source of eCommerce research and analysis, today announced plans to further expand its European research offerings over the next six months. By expanding its continuous stream of research, Forrester will provide an in-depth understanding of how new technologies are affecting local markets as well as a Pan-European perspective on eCommerce. Forrester also plans to expand its portfolio of data products — Technographics® Europe, Internet AdWatch™ and UK Internet User Monitor™ — to deliver an unparalleled view of Europe’s wired consumers.

Emily Nagle Green, managing director of Forrester Research B.V., comments, “eCommerce is already well-established in Europe and is evolving in ways very different from the United States. As eCommerce continues to diversify and flourish in Europe, businesses will need detailed information about the unique contours of each rapidly evolving market as well as an understanding of what is happening in both the European and the global Internet economy. Forrester provides the in-depth research and analysis needed to guide business decisions at every level.”

“There are many things that make European eCommerce unique, such as the emergence of free ISPs, WAP, and interactive TV,” said Cliff Condon, group director for strategic research at Forrester Research B.V. “Combined with the fact that Europe isn’t simply one market but rather many distinct and interconnected markets, the challenges businesses face are daunting. Our objective is to bring together a powerful combination of data, research, and analysis that will enable companies to uncover and capitalize on Europe’s eCommerce opportunities.”

In 2000, Forrester will expand its research coverage to more than 10 online business markets — the most far-reaching stream of Pan-European and country-specific analysis available. The research will be packaged in three distinct yet complementary research “lenses” — Internet Commerce, Corporate Technology, and Technographics Europe. Within these lenses, Forrester provides detailed research encompassing Business Trade Online, New Media, Online Financial Services, and Online Retail.

With the addition of its UK Research Centre following the acquisition of Fletcher Research in 1999, Forrester will dramatically increase the amount of in-depth local research it delivers. In addition, Forrester plans to extend Technographics Europe to more countries, providing an unparalleled understanding of consumers’ eCommerce attitudes and motivations in each market. Forrester’s market-specific research will be further complemented by the expansion of Internet AdWatch.

Forrester’s expanded European research offerings will be accompanied by a greater number of high-level Forums and events. In 2000, Forrester will host six Forums in Europe — four in London and two in Amsterdam — attracting up to 500 delegates each. Forrester Forums provide integrated analysis and winning strategies around a central Forum theme.

“While Forrester is unequivocally the leading provider of research on all aspects of European eCommerce, our aggressive expansion throughout 2000 will bring a fourfold increase in the volume of continuous research we deliver,” concluded Green. “These plans are designed to ensure that Forrester remains the first choice for eCommerce research, regardless of whether the buyer is a local merchant or a global powerhouse.”