At the Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) Finance Forum: “Prospering Within eBusiness Networks,” more than 500 executives from banks, brokerages, lenders, mutual fund families, and insurance companies will learn how collaborative firms will create new revenue opportunities. The Forum is being held at the New York Marriott Marquis and ends on June 12.

The Forrester Finance Forum will offer a complete road map of the challenges ahead and strategies to overcome them, using case studies by industry leaders and Forrester analysts. Attendees will learn how to create new revenue opportunities, how collaborative firms will seize these new opportunities, and what new technologies firms will need.

“Today, eCommerce is transforming the entire mortgage industry,” said Franklin D. Raines, chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae. “As this transformation occurs, Fannie Mae will continue to harness technology to make the mortgage process faster, cheaper, and easier for lenders and homebuyers. By leveraging eCommerce, Fannie Mae can expand its mission of expanding homeownership more efficiently, and help lenders deliver low-cost home financing to people and places that have traditionally been left behind.”

“It is foolish and short-sighted for the asset management industry to adapt to the Internet. We’ve done too much of that already. Rather than being the servant of the technology, we should be its master, pushing it to the best use for our clients and not laying out to them a panoply of funds that are born doomed to die at an early age.” said John C. Bogle, founder and former chairman, The Vanguard Group.

In addition to Raines and Bogle, industry speakers include Thomas A. Renyi, chairman and CEO, The Bank of New York; Richard D. Fairbank, chairman and CEO, Capital One; Ann Livermore, president, HP Services, and corporate VP, Hewlett-Packard Co.; Shailesh J. Mehta, chairman, president, and CEO, Providian Financial; Tom Gardner, co-founder and chairman, The Motley Fool; Frank J. Petrilli, president and COO, TD Waterhouse Group; and Pamela Thomas-Graham, president and COO, CNBC.

Forrester speakers include Ron Shevlin, Jaime Punishill, Simon Yates, Tom Pohlmann, and Kenneth Clemmer.

The Finance Forum is part of a series of 10 Forums taking place in 2001. Forrester Forums provide opportunities for Global 3,500 executives and senior managers, and industry executives to develop successful business strategies, discover the latest tools and vendors, and informally share ideas.

To register for press attendance on June 11 or June 12, please contact Jean Kong at +1 617/794-7203.