Forrester built a new B2B Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), a methodology that measures how well companies deliver customer experiences that create and sustain customers’ loyalty. In a new report that published today, Forrester revealed its findings in the B2B technology market, focusing on CRM — a market Forrester expects to grow to $33 billion by 2017.

Early results show that CRM vendors have work to do when it comes to CX. According to Forrester data:

  • A mere 38% of B2B customers say that getting the right level of support for their businesses is easy, and 34% believe that B2B vendors put their own support needs first. To succeed in the age of the customer, these companies must redesign with a customer-obsessed CX process.
  • Just 42% of CRM customers say their B2B vendors ensure that their solutions don’t affect other technologies that are already in customers’ environments, suggesting a chasm between product teams and customers that CX teams should work to bridge.
  • Only 48% of customers say that their B2B vendors share novel ways to use their products, but CX leaders could improve this by creating offerings that allow clients of all sizes to get access to technical demonstrations and previews.

TJ Keitt, the author of the report, discusses more in this blog post. Please contact us if you’d like a copy of the full report.