Ten percent of all US mobile users and 20% of all US tablet online adult users have made a purchase on these respective devices in the past three months, according to a new Forrester survey of more than 4,000 respondents. But the bad news is that 90% of mobile phone users and 80% of tablet users are still purchase holdouts.

Why? Some 53% of these holdouts cite that they avoid “checking out” on mobile devices simply because they are either used to or find it easier to buy on a PC. Apparently old habits die hard. So how can brands convince holdouts to embrace buying on their mobile device? By providing the services and information the customer wants exactly when they’re looking to make a purchase on their mobile device — in the mobile moment.

To get there, Forrester argues firms should forget conventional wisdom and embrace responsive web design (RWD) as a perfect fit for most transactional scenarios. In fact, 63% of eBusiness professionals rank RWD as a technology investment priority for this year, compared with 40% in 2013. “Starting an RWD project by rebuilding the most complex part of your site may not be intuitive, but RWD is a great way to develop touchpoint-optimized experiences while maintaining the consistency of complex web processes,” writes Forrester.

To learn more about this research, visit the full report: It’s Time To Rejuvenate Online Transactional Experiences With Responsive Web Design.