“It’s clear that Facebook wants to be the focus of its users’ mobile experience, but is that desire mutual? Do customers really want that? Color us doubtful,” writes Forrester Analyst Charles Golvin in a new blog post about the unveiling of Facebook Home. “Consumers around the world rely on a range of communications tools and applications, Facebook being only one — and in markets outside the US, it’s far from a dominant one.”

Yet, while Home isn’t as disruptive as some anticipated prior to Facebook’s Android announcement, this new application does move Facebook forward in the journey to become more elemental to its customers’ experience, notes Golvin. But does Home re-position Facebook’s role in the broader ecosystem battle being waged among Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others? “While Facebook has a strong loyalty gravitational pull, that force spans ecosystems; it is not a competing ecosystem of its own,” writes Golvin.

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