For years, Chinese consumers have strongly correlated tech innovation with significant improvements in their quality of life. The COVID-19 crisis, which has shown how tech can serve customers in novel ways, has seemingly strengthened this relationship. However, we see signs that trust in certain technologies and their uses and owners is eroding, especially around data privacy.

In a new report, Forrester analysts break down some of the latest customer experience trends in China:

  1. Tech has enabled firms to deliver value during these turbulent times. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen technology innovation reaching new frontiers for people to go on with their lives and even do new things while quarantined. Tech enabled the population to maintain normalcy; respond to new health needs; and also helped to contain the spread of the virus. This will not be a one-time event and will continue to stimulate people to think differently: “Can I do this job more effectively and accessibly by moving it to digital?”
  2. Hyperconvenience is still key in China, but with more responsibility. Brands continuously focus on delivering hyperconvenience (frictionless and seamless experiences) to their consumers. However, as the market matures, more people are realizing the flip side of convenience and debating the value of the tradeoffs they have to make, such as data privacy concerns, and being greener and more sustainable.
  3. Consumers desire a connection; offers brands the opportunity to differentiate. Pragmatic and discerning Chinese customers will not be satisfied purely with easy, effective experiences. Increasingly, they are looking for companies that can fulfill their need for connection, authenticity, self-expression, and even purpose. This will become the next battlefield for companies scrambling to be industry leaders.

For insights in Chinese, please refer to Meng Liu’s Chinese blog post 新冠下 – 2020年中国客户体验趋势.  Meng is also available for media interviews on this topic.