Forrester released new research that examines the impact of customer experience (CX) on an organization — specifically, how it changes the way CIOs operate.

Citing CX performance of companies like USAA, J.C. Penney, and Spirit Airlines, Forrester shows how firms with superior CX scores were able to drive revenue growth at twice the rate of companies providing subpar experiences.

The examples below outline how operations differ between low and high CX performers:

  • Some 75% of top CX CIOs answered that their ultimate customer is the end user, while only 25% of the bottom firms had the same opinion — most characterized their customer as the internal users of IT services.
  • Top CX CIOs have a broader focus in terms of the overall business strategy for the organization — they don’t limit themselves to the remit of IT.
  • CIOs at top CX firms deliver end-to-end solutions to connect the enterprise and the customers’ ecosystems.

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