With streaming services like Netflix, marketers are increasingly concerned about how to spend their ad dollars to get in front of nontraditional consumers. While these behaviors may raise red flags, new Forrester data shows that this form of viewing has plateaued, giving marketers plenty of opportunities to reach even the more frequent viewers.

For example, in three out of four age groups, binge-watching declined in 2015 from 2014, with the following percentages of age groups binge-watching at least once a month:

  • Young Millennials (18 to 26) — 78% in 2014, but only 74% in 2015.
  • Generation X (36 to 49) — 63% in 2014, but only 54% in 2015.
  • Young Boomers (50 to 59) — 49% in 2014, with a slight decrease to 48% in 2015.

The data also shows that the average number of hours spent watching linear TV and movies each week for binge watchers is 12.3 hours — compared to 11.8 hours for non-binge watchers — proving that binge watchers still consume ads via regular TV viewing.

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