WHAT: Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) Consumer Forum 2007: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies

Fueled by cheap devices and pervasive access, individuals are increasingly taking cues from one another rather than from institutions — a phenomenon that creates chaos for traditional brands, sellers, and media outlets. Broadening avenues of feedback lead consumers to expect participation in product development, innovation, and advertising. Armed and empowered, consumers will increasingly disengage with disconnected companies and give new life and market share to niche firms that embrace brand participation. At this Event, leading Forrester analysts will present research on how brands are stimulating loyalty through this new social structure, and industry executives will share their companies¿ best practices for including consumers in the brand dialogue.

WHEN: October 11-12, 2007

Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605
+1 312.922.4400

WHO: Keynote speakers include:

  • Christie Hefner, Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises
  • Christina Norman, President, MTV
  • Henry Jenkins, Co-Director, MIT Comparative Media Studies, MIT
  • Philip J. Kaplan, Founder and President, Products, AdBrite
  • Jeremy Allaire, Founder and CEO, Brightcove
  • Richard Edelman, President and CEO, Edelman
  • Robert J. Bach, President, Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft
  • Kevin H. Johnson, Digital Organization Leader, Services Division, Acxiom Digital
  • Ze Frank, Founder, ZeFrank.com

CONTACT: Complete Event information is available at www.forrester.com/consumerforum2007

MEDIA: Members of the media can register by providing their full contact information to press@forrester.com