Sixty-three percent of US smartphone users are concerned about their privacy and security when they access the Internet via their mobile device. This compares with 56%, 64%, and 58% of UK, French, and Chinese citizens, respectively, according to new Forrester surveys of more than 20,000 online adults. However, the majority of global consumers are either the same or less concerned about their privacy on their mobile device compared with on the computer.

But if firms think this means it’s safe to push mobile privacy to the side for even one more day, think again, writes Forrester in new research. Expect mobile to bring a paradigm shift to privacy because of its ability to connect two previously analog domains: the physical body and the physical world we inhabit.

Brands must adopt a contextual approach to privacy if they hope to build brand trust with their customers — the most critical component when it comes to creating brand preference and, ultimately, competitive differentiation.

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