Just 27% of marketers have holistic customer profiles that include mobile and other digital behaviors, according to a new Forrester survey of 414 marketing leaders. That’s a concerning number, given the treasure trove of contextual data generated by consumers using their smartphones and other connected devices — telling marketers who they are, where they are, and when they engage with a brand.

Further, most marketers don’t even systematically use mobile analytics to generate insights. And even when they do, it’s primarily (59%) to understand the performance of mobile marketing initiatives, completely missing the potential of mobile data beyond mobile.

But the reality is, writes analyst Thomas Husson in new research, mobile data will power all marketing initiatives, across all channels, so smart marketers must get on board with the mobile data goldmine today. For those brands that cannot get consent for access to customers’ sensor-generated data, they must turn to vendors that are integrating mobile data or consider working with telecom players anonymizing mobile data.

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