Mobile has shifted consumers’ expectations, and for digital businesses, mobile messaging requires a dependency on context to deliver the right message at the right time and in the right place for customers to find it valuable. In a new report, Forrester data shows that most digital business professionals are struggling to take advantage of this technology. Key insights include:

  • 96% of US smartphone owners receive some type of notification, with the vast majority using SMS and email, but but nine in 10 have opted out when notifications were not timely or contextual.
  • Of the consumers that have opted out, most say it’s because they arrive too frequently. However, it’s likely that consumers perceive these messages to be too frequent because they are irrelevant.
  • Android and iOS approach push notifications differently, and Android’s default setting means that users are more likely to receive push notifications. The survey also found that consumers are more willing to receive notifications from social media than from retailers, banks, travel firms, or healthcare providers.

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