Forrester forecasts that 4.8 billion people globally will use mobile phones in 2016. This brings significant opportunities to businesses, especially for those companies that understand how a customer-obsessed mobile strategy will change the way they operate in 2016.

Despite the growing need for mobile, many firms will struggle with customers’ ever-growing mobile expectations. Forrester predicts that only 25% of companies will fully integrate mobile into their overall strategies to transform the customer experience, and it’s these companies that will evolve and move past their competition in this stage of the age of the customer.

Forrester also predicts that mobile success will define which vendors grow — for example, expect to see acquisitions by Internet giants like Facebook and Google help expand their audiences to reach new demographic segments, geographies, or markets. Further, mobile will become consumers’ go-to technology, and businesses will need to adjust to their spending less time in individual apps and more in aggregated platforms like WeChat to get the content and services they need.

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