According to Forrester surveys, about 13% of US online adults report using one or more smart home device. But because there are so many activities, technologies, and economic interests involved, no one company is dominating or ever will be able to dominate a unified smart home market, writes Forrester in new research. Rather, everyone from Google to Verizon to Samsung will need to forge partnerships within key consumer markets to succeed.

Smart home devices perform 13 major activities that can be organized into two domains:

  • Crucial background activities that automate everyday tasks, such as managing environmental comfort with the Nest Thermostat, automating home access with UniKey’s Kevo from Kwikset, and monitoring home safety with Leeo’s Smart Alert Nightlight.
  • Fun and helpful foreground activities that sustain engagement, such as entertainment activities with Amazon’s Echo, cooking or health management assistance with The Drop kitchen scale, and monitoring family members with The Simplicam.

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