Some 72% of global business leaders say that improving the customer experience is a top business priority — just behind growing revenues at 75% — making it one of the most important drivers of business success today. For CMOs, driving this improved experience is directly tied to building and maintaining a brand that customers feel connected to, that they can trust. However, CMOs face an uphill battle when it comes to brand building, as most customer interactions are chaotic and come from sources outside of their control. The reality is that the brand is not a controllable asset.

In new research, Principal Analyst Tracy Stokes explores why CMOs must shift from the command-and-control style of traditional brand management to a more inclusive leadership of building a complete brand experience — one that delights customers whenever and wherever they interact with the brand. To do so, the CMO must lead enterprise transformation that will affect and require change from the CEO, COO, CIO, and CPO (chief people officer). 

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