Dm-drogerie markt takes the lead position in Forrester’s first annual Customer Experience Index (CXi) for Germany. The new CXi report measures and ranks the experience of 25 large brands in Germany across seven different industries, based on a survey of 2,000 German consumers. Only three companies earned an “excellent” CXi score: dm-drogerie markt, Amazon, and ING-DiBa. TV service providers are at the very bottom of the CX league table in Germany, achieving a disappointing industry average score of “very poor.” 

“While it’s common for retailers to top Forrester’s CXi charts, this is not the case for financial services firms,” says Forrester analyst, and contributor to the research, Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha. “The fact that German consumers awarded an excellent rating to ING-DiBa proves that banks can break through the glass ceiling and achieve their CX ambitions.”

For this study, Forrester asked German consumers in the survey to select the companies they interact with most out of seven industries — airlines, banks, electronics manufacturers, insurers, retailers, TV service providers, and wireless service providers — and to answer three questions about each brand related to customer experience: how enjoyable and easy they are to do business with and how effective they are at meeting customer needs.