Forrester identified and evaluated 19 Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in our latest TechRadar™ analysis, which includes an overview from 34 vendor service providers across five categories: analytics, hardware, network, security, and software and standards.

The report assesses four main factors: 1) the state of IoT technology; 2) the technology’s impact on customers’ businesses; 3) the time experts think the technology will need to reach the next stage of maturity; and 4) the technology’s overall trajectory — from minimal success to significant success.

Forrester found that IoT technologies are quite diverse and segmented by use case. Most technologies — particularly those in the hardware and networking categories — are in the survival and growth phases today, meaning that they have reached a state of deployment in the market. But despite this level of maturity, vendors have just started building security and standards, two key technologies when it comes to the IoT.

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