The offerings will help organizations reap the rewards from new initiatives in CX and Zero Trust

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 29, 2019Forrester today unveiled two new learning offerings, expanding its suite to include certification for security and risk professionals and enterprisewide customer experience training. Zero Trust Certification arms security and risk professionals with a trusted approach to adopting Forrester’s Zero Trust framework and securing against cyberthreats. CX Essentials, built on the success of CX Certification, is designed to educate and mobilize an enterprise to embrace customer experience (CX) as a strategic business imperative.

Increasingly, companies are embarking on new initiatives to help deliver companywide change. In areas like CX and cybersecurity, there is a gap in training offerings, and employees lack actionable skills to execute these initiatives. Currently, there are limited learning offerings dedicated to CX and Zero Trust. As a result, organizations are resorting to spot training as a tactic, and learning offerings are failing to deliver on the strategic need to build adaptability and resilience as differentiating competencies.

Learning new skills is a strategic lever that helps motivate employees to change behavior. A recent Dow Jones Intelligence study found that 54 percent of companies with a fully developed learning culture saw major improvements in customer experience, versus just 23 percent of companies with less fully developed learning cultures. There were similar improvement gaps for revenue growth, agility, and operational efficiency. Simply put, learning cultures increase the success rates for business transformations. Forrester’s learning offerings are designed to accelerate the adoption of new strategic initiatives that require enterprisewide change in roles and responsibilities.

“Building a culture of learning requires an organization to embrace a set of shared values and beliefs that off-the-shelf training programs cannot fulfill,” Forrester Chief Product Officer Mack Brothers said. “Forrester’s learning offerings foster engagement in employees, are customizable to fit business needs, and equip employees to deliver excellent experiences for customers and positive outcomes for their organizations.”

Introduced in 2018, CX Certification marked Forrester’s foray into the learning and development space. Since its launch in the fall of 2018, more than 600 participants have been certified. Forrester’s learning offerings are gaining widespread adoption as they focus on building fundamental skills through a modern, hands-on learning approach. Designed by Forrester CX experts, courses are self-paced and delivered in a digital learning platform that teaches concepts using a variety of modes (text, video, and audio), supplemented with hands-on activities that can be directly applied to real-life initiatives. Additionally, Forrester offers customized learning content to align to company learning programs, strategic vision, and desired outcomes.

Forrester’s expanded suite of learning offerings includes:

  • CX: Forrester’s CX training and certification offerings provide companies with learning opportunities for their teams that combine hands-on activities with instruction from Forrester analysts.
  • CX Certification: The three-part CX Certification training begins with an eight-week online course in CX Foundations, which features six lessons focusing on topics such as journey mapping, CX measurement, and ROI modeling.
  • CX Essentials: Forrester’s CX Essentials enterprise training program helps instill a common understanding of what CX means to an organization, inspiring employees to execute and contribute to CX initiatives to drive growth. Training is delivered in one or two courses, customized to the enterprise’s needs.
  • Zero Trust Certification (coming soon): Zero Trust Certification provides security and technology leaders and their teams with a common understanding of Zero Trust and the tools and knowledge to make a business case to adopt it.

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