New applications and services will drive displacement from traditional telecom infrastructure to packet and wireless networks, forcing carriers to adapt to the change in demand. Today, at the Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) Telecom Summit, “The Impact Of Displacement,” more than 100 service provider executives, system integrators, content providers, and technology vendors will learn how to meet the changing consumer demand and address new technology options. The Summit, taking place at the Grand Hyatt Washington, ends this afternoon.

“Until now, tethered lines and voice minutes have been the bread and butter of the telecom industry,” said David M. Cooperstein, research director at Forrester. “In addition to diminishing demand for these core products, new technologies will bypass today’s carriers’ ability to provide relevant applications.”

Forrester’s Telecom Summit focuses on three key questions that will be addressed by featured industry speakers and Forrester analysts.

Key questions:

  • How quickly will customers and revenue shift to new networks?
  • What new services will arise as network intelligence moves to the edge?
  • What will define a telecom firm in 2010?

Industry speakers include:

  • Brian Brewer, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, WorldCom Group
  • Kevin Casey, Executive Vice President — Operations, AT&T Broadband
  • Don Boerema, Senior Vice President, MultiMedia Subsidiary (MMS), AT&T Wireless
  • Richard S. Cremona, President, Business Sales, Sprint PCS
  • Ross K. Ireland, Senior Executive Vice President — Services, SBC Communications
  • John Pollard, Director of Strategy, Mobility Group, Microsoft Corp.

Forrester speakers include:

  • Michael E. Gazala, Vice President, North American Research
  • Christopher Mines, Group Director
  • Carl D. Howe, Principal Analyst
  • Charles S. Golvin, Senior Analyst