In a new report on the future of mobile, Forrester says that no new device will overtake the scale of the more than 6 billion mobile phones on the planet in the next 10 years, if not longer. Mobile itself will become the brain behind the next revolution in mobility as it powers and orchestrates a multidevice, blended user ecosystem.

Additional findings include:

  • Each time consumers pick up their devices, they expect to get everything they want or need immediately. Forrester calls this the mobile mind shift, and our data shows that 18% of online adults are shifted in the US today, while as many as 43% are shifted in Hong Kong, metropolitan China, and Korea.
  • In 2011, Forrester predicted that the future of mobile would be context — but nearly five years later, most companies are barely scratching the surface: Only 34% of businesses surveyed use location to make mobile services more relevant to their consumers.
  • Software and hardware innovations will fuel the next round of mobile experiences, but those in software will be much more critical. Technologies like engagement automation and intelligent context platforms are developing further to move the mobile experience closer to their promised potential in the future.

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