The mobile mind shift is a learning process that consumers go through as they adopt and use mobile devices, which ultimately leads to a fundamental shift in their behavior. How does Australia rate?

Seventeen percent (17%) of Australian consumers expect to be able to look to their mobile device to be able to get what they want in their immediate context and moment of need, up 4 percentage points over 2014 (13%). These consumers have made the mobile mind shift, with many already transacting on their mobile devices, according to a new survey of 1,000 Australian online adults. They have an average age of 33 and household income above A$82,500.

Not only are customers embracing mobile apps and the mobile Web, but they also expect that all of the companies they deal with will have mobile apps or mobile-friendly sites. While Australia is no longer a laggard in mobile usage, the majority of the consumers in Australia fall into the Disconnected, Unshifted, and Transitional categories, indicating that there is still some way to go before the entire Australian population has embraced the mobile mind shift.

According to Forrester’s Tim Sheedy, brands must serve these consumers in their mobile moment of need or risk losing their business to a competitor that provides a sophisticated set of mobile features. Increased mobile usage will also drive a cycle of improvement, which will in turn accelerate the mobile mind shift in Australia.

In this new report, Sheedy also outlines how brands can assess their customers’ movement along the mobile mind shift and what it means for future mobile engagement for Australian online adults.

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