With the landscape for security technologies becoming increasingly complex, business leaders are struggling to determine how new and existing solutions fit within their security initiatives. To help address these challenges, Forrester released a new report highlighting the 13 most important security and risk trends to watch in 2016. Key findings include the following:

  • More vendors are claiming to have security analytics capabilities, but not all are created equal — businesses must work closely with new vendors on a case-by-case basis to determine how they’ll fit in with their existing vendors and partners.
  • Privacy concerns are re-energizing the encryption startup scene and putting pressure on companies — businesses can get ahead of concerns by categorizing data and evaluating how the flow of data may open an enterprise up to potential threats.
  • IoT security is on everyone’s mind, but solutions are hard to come by — security leaders must be a part of their company’s IoT initiatives to make sure security functions are built in and compatible.
  • Companies will need to proactively and automatically monitor threat environments — breach simulation tools will be the best way to keep pace with rapidly changing cyberthreats.

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