As Twitter approaches its big day, one question Forrester is asking is how the social network is being received by marketers. According to new Forrester data, 60% of companies market on Twitter today — but just 55% of Twitter marketers are satisfied with the business value they achieve, and less than half are satisfied with the site as a marketing partner. Why are marketers still looking for greater value? In a new report, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Nate Elliott writes that in some instances, it’s because marketers are actually using Twitter to target the wrong objectives. “Most say their primary objective is either building brand awareness or increasing brand preference. But people are more likely to engage with brands on Twitter after they’re already customers. [The result is] a mismatch between consumer behaviors and marketer expectations.”

According to Elliott, Twitter still must do more to support marketers, and it must do so quickly, despite having a relatively young marketing business. But there’s good news, writes Elliott in a new blog post. “We believe Twitter is heading in the right direction. . . . And if it can help marketers build genuine connections with their customers, rather than just running ads, then Twitter could become the go-to site for the kind of social marketing that marketers are hungry for — the kind of social marketing we believe Facebook has left behind.”

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