“The emergence of a new viewability standard, which will clearly define what a valid display ad impression is and use gross ratings points as its currency, is the first step toward creating a more transparent display advertising environment,” writes Forrester Senior Analyst Susan Bidel in a new report. What’s more, Bidel writes that with the advent of viewability, advertisers will get more clarity on what they are buying and will find it easier to increase investments in display ads.

In fact, brand marketers’ share of display ad spend has declined from a peak of 48% in 2006 to 31% to 33% for the past three years. Forrester believes it will fall to 27% by 2018 if nothing is done to alter this trend. So how can advertisers and publishers leverage the new standard to increase revenue? In the report, Bidel outlines key business objectives for technology, certification, and internal processes; the adoption likelihood of various viewability measurement methodologies; and how to effectively plan and optimize campaigns across media.

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