Google’s Project Glass is just the start. A new Forrester report argues that “like mobile and tablets today, in three years, wearable computing devices will matter to every product strategist.”

Wearables will “enter the mainstream by exploiting the relative strengths of the big five platforms” of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, writes Forrester Senior Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps in a blog post. Her report includes specific examples of real products testing the wearable market, such as a touchscreen wristwatch with a “micro-app” that can be used for payment at Starbucks.

“Wearables should be a priority for product strategists in the industries with the most potential for disruption and innovation: apparel, software, commerce, media, and gaming,” writes Rotman Epps. Read more about the new Forrester report, “Wearable Computing,” in Sarah’s blog post.