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Each week, the What It Means podcast invites Forrester analysts to discuss the latest trends and challenges to help business and technology leaders make bold decisions and become truly customer-obsessed. Topics range from tech-driven innovation and CX design to B2B buying trends and marketing planning. Listen now and subscribe to get a new episode each week. Got a comment or question? Email our team at podcast@forrester.com.

Latest Episodes


Can AI Help Prove CX ROI?

What It Means 2 days ago
Perhaps the biggest challenge CX leaders have is proving the value of CX. Can AI help? Principal Analyst Pete Jacques thinks so and joins the podcast to explain how AI can help CX leaders prove ROI.

Mainframe Myth Busting

What It Means April 11, 2024
If you think mainframes are dying or dead, this is the podcast episode for you. Senior Analyst Brent Ellis shares new data and insights on the current state and future of mainframes.

Why It’s Time To Transform Your B2B Revenue Process

What It Means April 4, 2024
Many B2B companies’ revenue processes lack a key ingredient: customer value. Without it, efforts to grow will ultimately falter. This week on What It Means, Principal Analysts Amy Hawthorne and Rick Bradberry discuss how companies can begin transforming their revenue processes to better serve customers.

Are You A Better Manager Than A Bot?

What It Means March 28, 2024
After years of underinvestment in management training, the era of AI brings an intriguing question: Can human managers be replaced by AI? Vice President and Principal Analyst Katy Tynan joins the podcast to provide her perspective.

How Marketers Can Take GenAI From Pilot Projects To Proficiency

What It Means March 21, 2024
As the hype surrounding generative AI yields to pragmatism, how can marketers take their genAI efforts from experimentation to excellence? VP and Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall and Principal Analyst Lisa Gately share advice on this week’s episode of What It Means.

Managing Well In A Hybrid-Work World

What It Means March 14, 2024
Hybrid work is now the norm for many office jobs, but management styles haven’t quite caught up, says Senior Analyst Angelina Gennis. On this week’s podcast episode, she explains what it means to manage well in a post-pandemic work world. 

What Human And Technical Skills Will Matter Most To B2B Marketers?

What It Means March 7, 2024
What skills and competencies will B2B marketers need most to succeed in the future? In this episode, Principal Analyst Naomi Marr and VP and Principal Analyst Katy Tynan discuss what’s driving the need for new technical and human skills and how to close the gap.

Will Digital Agencies Disappear?

What It Means February 29, 2024
As all marketing becomes digital marketing, the need for specialized digital agencies will shrink. What’s in store for the agency landscape, agency jobs, and the marketers who work with agencies? VP and Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall weighs in on this week’s podcast episode.

What Motivates B2B Customers To Become Advocates?

What It Means February 22, 2024
Customer advocacy initiatives often leave a key question unanswered: How do customers benefit? On this episode of What It Means, VPs and Principal Analysts Laura Ramos and Amy Bills explain how B2B companies can get more value from customer advocacy by understanding what motivates customers to participate.

The Trust Advantage For B2B Firms

What It Means February 15, 2024
Trust is paramount in high-stakes B2B buying relationships. How can B2B companies build and maintain trust among buyers? VP and Principal Analyst Ian Bruce explains on this episode of What It Means.

Is Too Much Tech Overburdening Clinicians?

What It Means February 8, 2024
How is the growing disconnect between tech leaders and clinicians contributing to burnout? Find out as Senior Analyst Shannon Germain Farraher explores the current and future state of technology in clinical settings.  

Tech Trends To Watch In 2024

What It Means February 1, 2024
How will generative AI impact infrastructure plans? What regulatory issues will tech leaders have to grapple with? Hear Forrester’s technology analysts discuss their predictions for the latest tech trends in 2024.

How Chip Shortages Could Impact Your AI Plans

What It Means January 25, 2024
Nothing can slow the AI revolution — except perhaps a shortage of the chips AI relies on. In this episode, VP and Research Director Glenn O'Donnell discusses how ongoing chip shortages could impact your AI plans.

COP28 Review

What It Means January 18, 2024
The annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP28, wrapped up last month to mixed reviews. In this episode, Senior Analyst Abhijit Sunil discusses what he saw at the event and some of the key takeaways for business and technology leaders.

The Future Of Search In A GenAI World

What It Means January 11, 2024
Generative AI is poised to upend every aspect of search marketing. In this episode of What It Means, Senior Analyst Nikhil Lai explains the rapid changes that search marketers need to prepare for now.

How To Use AI To Uplevel Revenue Enablement 

What It Means January 4, 2024
Many revenue enablement leaders are simultaneously intimidated and intrigued by AI, particularly generative AI (genAI). The sooner they embrace it, the sooner they can help make sellers and other customer-facing roles more effective. Vice President and Principal Analyst Peter Ostrow shares advice for getting started with AI this week on What It Means. 

Predictions 2024: For B2B Teams, GenAI Will Yield Mixed Results

What It Means December 21, 2023
Generative AI will make B2B sales, marketing, and product teams more prolific in 2024 — but not always in ways that are desirable. VP and Principal Analyst Laura Ramos and Principal Analyst David Parry discuss this and other 2024 predictions for B2B teams on this week’s episode of What It Means. 

Generative AI Will Reshape Far More Jobs Than It Eliminates

What It Means December 14, 2023
Is generative AI coming for your job? Find out as VP and Principal Analyst J. P. Gownder and Principal Analyst Michael O'Grady discuss a new forecast on the impact of generative AI on jobs in the US.

Autonomous Vehicles: Are We There Yet?

What It Means December 7, 2023
Is it finally time for self-driving cars and trucks to achieve their long-held promise? Find out as Vice President and Research Director Pascal Matzke joins the podcast to discuss the current state and future outlook for autonomous vehicles.

Predictions 2024: Where Will AI Go Next?

What It Means November 30, 2023
Where will AI go next? That’s the biggest question of 2024. In this special episode, nine Forrester analysts discuss what’s behind our 2024 predictions for AI and what the implications will be.