Anjali Lai, Senior Data Analyst

Show notes:

Society is more polarized, more tribal than any time in recent memory, combining social unrest with unprecedented consumer power. And brands are feeling the squeeze. Consumers are increasingly demanding that brands pick a side on any number of issues — or else take a back seat in consumers’ hearts and minds (and ultimately, spend).

These are tricky waters because there is inherent risk in taking a stand; the risk of alienating your intended audience is on par with engendering their loyalty and advocacy. But brands can’t stand on the sidelines: Being neutral is often seen as aligning with the opposition.

This behavior isn’t “Millennials being Millennials” it’s not some social phenomenon divorced from financial performance. Some 52% of US consumers — consumers across all generations — factor values into their purchase choices.

In this episode, Anjali Lai shares consumer insights and purchase signals as to how consumers are forcing brands to perform not simply at the top of the funnel but at the sharp end of sometimes angry sticks. We discuss how this dynamic is impacting financial performance.