Liz Herbert, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Mobile apps, websites, retail experiences . . . companies are investing time, money, and manpower to improve customer-facing technology and drive digital transformation. But there’s an anchor holding firms back: technical debt.

VP and Principal Analyst Liz Herbert discusses how archaic and overcustomized operational technologies are preventing companies from adapting to the new needs of the business. Beyond hindering agility and innovation, these systems can also be a waste of money.

To break free from technical debt, firms must not only modernize foundational technology — whether by eliminating the old systems and starting fresh, moving to the cloud, or enabling microservices — but also address operational and cultural questions brought on by customization.

And while core tech may not be that shiny new object, it is linked to revenue growth and CX. Because without a modern, innovative system that allows your firm to adapt to changing customer needs, you can’t take advantage of newer investments, like automation and AI, that are necessary to move forward in this market.

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