Martha Bennett, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

The tech market is lightning-fast. It’s the zeitgeist, with all the “here today and gone tomorrow” that entails. Meanwhile, the economic buyer uses tech to shore up their firm’s long-term performance. The resulting collision can be tricky.

It’s all too easy for firms to get tangled up in hype, buying on the promise of big gains and ending up with peanuts. On this episode of What It Means, VP and Principal Analyst Martha Bennett provides practical tips for ensuring that emerging tech investments pay off.

Before going all in on a technology, know how it will work within your business’ context. Know your risks and understand your firm’s maturity. You may not have the resources to take on moonshots or invest in a technology that will take years of R&D to become practical.

Even if a technology has enormous potential . . . it’s just potential. Technology is implemented within your firm’s existing reality. So while automation may speed up a business process, it will yield little if the underlying process is flawed.

No matter what, implementing new technology is a lot of work. It’s akin to strengthening a muscle you’ve never used before. Realistic timetables and expectations will help stop hype from turning into backlash and prevent your firm from throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water.

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