Brian Hopkins, VP, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

CIOs are not intimidated by change; in fact, Forrester data shows that 96% of CIOs are currently involved in some kind of transformation work. But in 2020, the speed and sporadic nature of business change will solidify uncertainty as the new normal for CIOs. Those who embrace the change will thrive, while those who resist it may fall behind.

In this episode of What It Means, VP and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins discusses his 2020 predictions for CIOs. And the overall message to IT leaders is “expect the unexpected.” Hopkins says the CIOs and organizations that will thrive in 2020 will be the ones who can modernize their core technology while pushing the innovation needed to avoid the pitfalls of digital sameness.

“Data shows growth is really happening when you differentiate long-term,” says Hopkins. “Simply following everybody’s mobile application or providing the same digital services [as other firms] doesn’t create differentiation and therefore doesn’t create growth.”

One of the challenges IT leaders will have to overcome in their efforts to differentiate their organization is a shortage of talent. Hopkins points out that savvy CIOs will mine their internal HR systems to find hidden talent pools that can help push tech-enabled innovation across the enterprise.

Listen in to get more of Hopkins’ CIO predictions to help guide your 2020 IT planning.