Anjali Lai, Senior Analyst

Show Notes:

When refreshing her research on the empowered customer, Senior Analyst Anjali Lai expected to see a shift in the core behaviors (i.e., dimensions) that define empowered customers.

Instead, she found that consumer behavior continues to develop along the same five dimensions . . . but the interaction between dimensions is producing new trends that will affect a brand’s customer relationships. Get the full picture on this episode of What It Means.

The key dimensions of customer empowerment are:

  • Willingness to experiment
  • Device usage
  • Digital-physical integration (i.e., blurring the lines between a digital experience and a physical one, such as using a store’s app while in a brick-and-mortar store)
  • Information savviness
  • Self-efficacy (i.e., customers’ motivation to be in control of their choices and experiences)

As more consumers embrace these behaviors, shifting from less-empowered segments to more-empowered segments, new trends have developed that challenge the customer relationship status quo. For example, a combination of increased customer savvy about data practices, greater device use, and the desire to be in charge of their own experiences has spawned an increased drive toward values-based purchases and collaborative, social experiences. Learn how these trends will affect your brand’s customer relationships.