About two months into a lifestyle confined by stay-at-home orders and physical distancing, individuals are heavily relying on technology to work, get things done, be entertained, connect with friends and family, and so much more. Consumers report spending more time on their personal devices — over half of US online adults are using their TVs, smartphones, and computers more as a result of COVID-19. And consumers are experimenting with new behaviors — around a fifth have ordered groceries or restaurant delivery online for the first time. The surge in technology usage in the moment means that Luddites of the recent past are not only becoming frequent and regular gadget grabbers but are also getting exposure to the conveniences and efficiencies that digital solutions provide. An increasing reliance on personal devices in the moment begs the question for the future: Will consumers prefer digital engagement once the pandemic subsides? In this week’s consumer insight spotlight, I share Forrester’s latest thinking around how to evaluate the future of the digital consumer.

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