Shar VanBoskirk, VP, Principal Analyst and Stephanie Liu, Analyst

Show Notes:

Let 2021 be the year marketing organizations evolve into a strategic function.

2020 made it painfully obvious (extra emphasis on painfully) that B2C marketing success requires flexibility and vision beyond what traditional annual planning can offer. In this episode of What It Means, join VP, Principal Analyst Shar VanBoskirk and Analyst Stephanie Liu for a discussion on where B2C marketing is headed in 2021.

When everything is disrupted, doing nothing becomes the most dangerous thing to do. In 2021, marketing leaders need to take big risks. It’s the perfect time to expand your role, challenge fundamental assumptions, and experiment with new channels. Liu points out that with the decline of third-party cookies, business as usual won’t even be possible in the near future. Use 2021 to plan how you’ll collect consumer preferences before Google sunsets cookies in 2022.

VanBoskirk urges CMOs to get strategic and solve business problems. For too long, CMOs have overly focused on promotion, ignoring the other three P’s of the marketing mix (product, price, and place). As the pandemic continues, responsiveness to local conditions could make or break consumer trust. Supply chain disruption will continue, requiring user-friendly ways of communicating product availability. CMOs can, and should, take them helm in tackling these issues.

To learn more on how marketing organizations can get ahead in 2021 and where CMOs should place their investment dollars, listen to the full episode.