Jennifer Rouse, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

No matter how effective or prepared a CMO is, presenting to the company board can be unnerving. It doesn’t have to be, says Principal Analyst Jennifer Rouse. On this week’s What It Means, we listen to her session from last fall’s Summit EMEA, where she shared four tactics to help presentations go smoothly.

Just as marketing success rests on knowing the audience, success in board presentations does, as well. If a board member is sales-oriented, for instance, try framing your message in terms of revenue attainment or quota retirement, says Rouse. For a board member who is more finance-oriented, explain how marketing programs can impact profit margin or help lower the cost of customer acquisition.

“You’re not changing your marketing programs — you’re changing the way board members perceive your marketing programs,” she says.

It’s also critical to tie marketing initiatives to business objectives and show how marketing programs have had an impact. When CMOs explain how marketing has advanced the company’s strategic goals — and are candid and specific about where it fell short — the board will likely give you the support you need to improve.

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