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Evolving B2B Marketing Mindsets

Craig Moore 6 days ago
Marketing has become a strategic function in driving revenue growth for B2B companies, but to continue improving, marketing leaders must challenge long-held beliefs and retool their mindsets to embrace the evolving customer lifecycle and complex buying journeys. Let’s explore the ingrained mindsets that B2B marketing leaders must abandon to evolve and thrive. The mythical B2B […]

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: A Parting That Is All Sweet And No Sorrow

Simon Daniels November 21, 2023
Adopting the revenue waterfall for demand management brings many benefits, meaning that parting with leads can be all sweet and no sorrow.

WEBINAR: Learn How (And Why) Reltio Left MQLs Behind

Reltio did it, and so can you! Join us for a LIVE webinar on December 14 to learn how Reltio transformed its revenue strategy in just 60 days with a shift from MQLs to buying groups.


B2B CMOs, Elevate Your Partner Ecosystem Marketing Now!

Christina Schmitt November 20, 2023
In the fast-paced realm of B2B marketing, it’s crucial for chief marketing officers to adapt and enhance their marketing strategies. The focus is shifting away from traditional channel marketing, and it’s time to embrace the power of partner marketing for a true marketing transformation. The most popular priority of B2B marketing leaders for the next […]

Go-To-Market Strategy: The Three Core Engagement Elements Needed For Successful Execution

Katie Fabiszak November 14, 2023
This blog post dives into the engagement strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture framework. This layer details a go-to-market strategy approach that allows portfolio marketers to build the critical deliverables needed to ensure successful execution.

How Reltio Shifted From MQLs To Buying Groups — In 60 Days

Learn how Reltio worked with Forrester to shift its revenue process from MQLs to buying groups to transform revenue outcomes.

Generative AI Will Displace Frontline B2B Marketing Jobs, And You’re Not Ready

John Arnold November 13, 2023
Generative AI, as it stands today, is a minimally viable solution for frontline marketers. But that’s going to change. Generative AI will revolutionize frontline B2B marketing, offering both opportunities and threats to the status quo. Forrester forecasts that automation and AI overall will replace 4.9% of US jobs by 2030. With unique regard to frontline […]

B2B Marketing Planning Is Connected But Doesn’t Need To Be Overwhelming

Laura Cross November 9, 2023
The future of B2B marketing planning will be integrated, sequenced, and adaptive.

WEBINAR: Learn How (And Why) Reltio Left MQLs Behind

Reltio did it, and so can you! Hear analysts reveal how Reltio transformed its revenue strategy in just 60 days with a shift from MQLs to buying groups.


Product Experts Gain New Clout Among B2B Buyers

What It Means November 9, 2023
As B2B buyers contend with tighter budgets, they’re looking to an unexpected source to help them make the right purchase decisions: product experts from vendor companies. Vice President and Research Director Amy Hayes discusses this and other findings from Forrester’s new State Of Business Buying report this week on What It Means.

Planning Season Is The Time To Revisit Your CMO Dashboard

Ross Graber November 8, 2023
Planning season is that time of year when B2B marketing objectives get set, tweaked, and reestablished. It’s also the perfect time to revisit your CMO dashboard to ensure that it’s up to the task — here’s how.

B2B CMOs: What’s Your Role In The Employee Value Proposition?

Karen Tran November 7, 2023
Too often, CMOs are absent from the EVP process because it doesn’t focus on buyers and customers. That's a mistake.

Many B2B CMOs Don’t Understand The Data Requirements For GenAI

Subhendu Pattnaik November 6, 2023
Rushing in to adopt generative AI (genAI) in marketing without setting the right foundation or assessing readiness is a mistake. Harnessing the benefits of genAI effectively requires huge amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, possibly from various different sources. Imagine this scenario: Your marketing team is working to launch a genAI-powered campaign that’s designed […]

Call For Entries: Forrester B2B Summit North America Awards

Cristina De Martini October 31, 2023
Nominations are now open for Forrester’s B2B North America Return On Integration Honors and Programs Of The Year Awards. If you have a great revenue engine alignment story, now is your time to shine.


Don’t Miss Our Live 2024 Predictions Deep Dive

Join us on January 18 to hear from the tech, CX, and B2B analysts behind our 2024 global predictions and get an important generative AI update from Forrester’s CEO, George Colony.


Revenue Operations: Hot Topics From B2B Summit EMEA 2023

Simon Daniels October 31, 2023
Providing delegates at Forrester events with the opportunity to speak to analysts always proves popular. Here are some of the revenue operations hot topics that came up this year at B2B Summit EMEA 2023.

Customer Community Platforms: A Little More Conversation, A Lot More Action

Amy Bills October 30, 2023
Have you ever heard a leader of a successful business proudly announce that they don’t much care about understanding their customers’ needs? Yeah, me neither. The data from Forrester’s recent report, The State Of Customer Obsession In B2B, 2023, is clear on the value of knowing what drives your customers. Customer-obsessed organizations outperform their peers […]

Saying Goodbye To MQLs: Six MQL Myths Squashed To Shift Your Leads-Based Culture

Amy Hawthorne October 30, 2023
A major challenge when switching from MQLs to buying groups is changing your organization’s culture and mindset, as well. Learn more in this week’s Saying Goodbye to MQLs blog.

Prepare For AI To Free Up Frontline Marketing’s Technical Dependencies

John Arnold October 27, 2023
As B2B marketing becomes more technical, frontline marketers find themselves increasingly dependent on technical resources outside the marketing department. For example, they may rely on developers for website coding, IT teams for setting up marketing automation workflows, or data analysts to extract insights from complex data sets. These dependencies can create bottlenecks, slow down campaign […]

Intent Data Expectations Vs. Reality — What’s Working, And Where Are The Gaps?

Brett Kahnke October 26, 2023
Forrester’s Q1 2023 Global B2B Intent Data Survey asked intent data users how this type of data is being deployed by their B2B marketing and sales teams — and what results these practitioners are actually seeing.

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Predictions 2024: GenAI And Partners Help B2B Marketing, Sales, And Product Endure A Wild Ride Ahead

Laura Ramos October 25, 2023
B2B marketing, sales, and product functions in 2024 will face disruption and opportunity from generative AI, making alignment more critical than ever. Learn more about what’s coming in 2024.

Predictions 2024: APAC Firms Inspired By The GenAI Wave

Frederic Giron October 24, 2023
In 2024, the APAC region will see a significant amount of change driven by generative AI. Learn more in our 2024 APAC predictions.

Boost Your Social Media Team With A Social Suite Provider

Kelsey Chickering October 24, 2023
Social media is now a mainstay of most marketing plans, and shifts in the media landscape make social suites critical for marketers to efficiently manage their social media efforts — all in one place. What Are Social Suites? Forrester defines social suites as: platforms that combine multiple social tech capabilities into a single unified offering, […]
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