Jay Pattisall, VP, Principal Analyst and Kelsey Chickering, Principal Analyst


It’s long been established that traditional marketing tactics silo off the pre-purchase discovery and marketing phases of the consumer buying cycle from the rest — including the purchase and the post-purchase experiences. This approach doesn’t match customer expectations. So what’s a better way of engaging with customers throughout the buying cycle? “Creative commerce is an engagement strategy that is designed to align channels, content, and moments so that you can deliver what customers are looking for along the path of purchase,” explains VP and Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall.

On this episode, Pattisall and Principal Analyst Kelsey Chickering preview their upcoming CX North America session by discussing that the pandemic highlighted how brands’ differentiated pre-purchase experiences drop into digital sameness once purchase begins. As Pattisall explains, one curbside pickup experience is identical to the next. This is a miss, as brands can use the purchase experience to establish themselves in customers’ hearts and minds.

Shoppable experiences can bridge this gap. For example, Sephora leveraged Instagram’s augmented-reality-enabled ads with an “aura vibe” filter that told customers which perfumes match their aura, explains Chickering. This created a smooth, creative commerce experience that runs from discovery through purchase.

There are also big opportunities for post-purchase creativity. Pattisall provides an example of a Mexican ice cream brand that elevated the sampling experience to create an ongoing emotional connection to the brand by linking it to the sometimes-devastating fan experience of rooting for a losing team.

Listen to the full episode to hear how top brands including Amazon, Samsung, and Walmart are leveraging creative commerce to build stronger customer loyalty and drive growth. And don’t miss your chance to get a deep dive into creative commerce at CX North America on June 13–15 in Nashville and online.