Melissa Parrish, VP and Group Director

Show Notes:

If your B2C organization thinks aligning around customer needs is too difficult or not worth prioritizing, we have data for you — companies with a customer-obsessed growth engine see 2.4x higher revenue growth and 2x higher profitability compared to competitors. In these cash-strapped times, the financial benefits are too great to be ignored.

On this episode of What It Means, VP and Group Director Melissa Parrish joins to discuss the critical role of customer experience (CX) in the B2C customer-obsessed growth engine and how CX professionals can leverage it to grow their remit and influence.

Alignment is the central tenet of the customer-obsessed growth engine. CX professionals are well equipped to make alignment happen, Parrish explains. The CX organization’s day-to-day work requires it to collaborate across the organization and rally teams around a central cause. CX leaders can leverage the abundant financial benefits of the customer-obsessed growth engine to prove the financial value of their work. As budgets are slashed, many enterprises will be tempted to put CX on the chopping block. Instead of shrinking back, CX leaders need to go bold and create a united front with their marketing and digital counterparts.

This bold action may feel uncomfortable, Parrish explains, as it means greater exposure across the business — and as Spiderman’s Uncle Ben famously said, with great power comes great responsibility. But standing still in a shifting economy won’t lead to good results. CX has the skillset to push its enterprise forward. Succeeding is now a matter of focus and diplomacy.

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