Pete Jacques, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

Ask any CX leader about the primary issue that keeps them up at night, and they’ll likely answer that it’s proving the value that their organization delivers. Many have watched CEOs get impatient while waiting to see the ROI on the funding they provided for the CX organization. The good news is that AI may be able to help. In this episode, Principal Analyst Pete Jacques explains how and provides a preview of his session at the upcoming CX Summit North America event in June.

The episode starts by benchmarking just how much CX leaders struggle to prove ROI. Jacques notes that in a recent Forrester survey, a mere 15% of CX leaders said that they’re very effective at proving the business impact of CX, while 58% said they are not effective at this. “A lot of CEOs, having initially bought into the value of CX … are looking for more proof,” he says. “When they look at what they’re spending on CX, they’re not seeing the return they expected to.” And if those numbers don’t change, there could be some major changes in how CX is handled in many enterprises.

From there, the conversation focuses on five ways AI (both generative AI and more “traditional” AI applications) can help solve this CX conundrum. The first one discussed is AI’s ability to analyze huge sets of CX survey data to efficiently review response patterns and detect quality issues faster than a human can. Next, Jacques points to synthetic data and large language models as a way to help predict how a customer may react to a certain experience and show its value before investing in it.

Jacques points out that a more common way AI is said to prove CX ROI and value is through sentiment analysis of unstructured data, a capability often available in commonly used CX software. And lastly, AI’s predictive modeling capabilities can analyze data from multiple sources to help identify when customers are most satisfied and replicate those experiences for more positive outcomes.

Jacques says that all of these AI-related efforts provide an opportunity to elevate CX leaders beyond their perceived role of survey leader to a more strategic customer-focused business leader within the enterprise.

The episode closes with Jacques giving a preview of his upcoming session at CX Summit North America and upcoming research, so be sure to stay tuned for that.