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Companies Have Agnosia About Experiences

Carlos Casanova 4 days ago
We found that agnosia quite nicely describes what is happening with companies’ efforts around experience. Their inability to identify you as the same individual after having repeatedly interacted with them as a customer and user and employee over a period of time, might cause you to question your sanity when interacting with them. 

You Asked, We Answered: Questions From Our 2023 CX Predictions Webinar

Judy Weader February 27, 2023
We were thrilled with the response to our 2023 CX Predictions webinar. Here, we answer audience questions on common CX topics.

CX APAC — Bold Focus

Drive success with CX and digital in 2023. Discover what to prioritize, where to invest, and what's on the cutting edge.


It’s Awards Season For Customer Obsession — Nominations Wanted

Rick Parrish January 18, 2023
Submit your nominations for Forrester's inaugural Customer Obsession Awards. These awards will recognize leading organizations and executives who put customers at the center of everything — and, in the process, accelerate growth, customer loyalty, and employee engagement.

CX Teams Face Diverging Fates In 2023

What It Means December 15, 2022
The alarm bells are sounding: CX organizations are in trouble. One in five will find themselves on the chopping block in 2023 as the economy weakens, CX performance slips, and proof of ROI remains elusive. But there’s good news, too. One in 10 CX organizations will be stronger than ever at the end of 2023, explains VP, Research Director Rick Parrish. Find out how in this episode of What It Means.

Emotional Quality Of Experiences: The 2022 CX Index Bright Spot

Linda Ivy-Rosser June 27, 2022
Recently Forrester released the US Customer Experience Index Rankings for 2022 and one prominent message was the fall of CX quality across industries (see Figure 1). However, it also revealed a bright spot - the emotional quality of customer experiences remains consistent.  According to the Average US CX Index, 60% of customers expressed they had emotionally positive experiences compared with 62% in 2021 and 60% in 2020. 

Join Us At CX North America To Keep Your Business Out In Front

Melissa Parrish April 13, 2022
At CX North America on June 7-9, we’re going to help customer experience professionals, B2C marketers, and digital business leaders embrace new risks, develop bold customer strategies, and execute faster than you ever thought possible.

Three Tips For Staffing Your CX Team

Judy Weader March 29, 2022
We share our top tips for customer experience leaders who need to staff up the CX team at their organization.

CX EMEA — Bold Focus

Drive success with CX and digital in 2023. Discover what to prioritize, where to invest, and what's on the cutting edge.


Let’s Discover The State Of Customer Obsession In Government

Rick Parrish February 9, 2022
Government organizations that want to improve the services, benefits, products, and experiences that they provide to customers must focus relentlessly on customers’ needs. This means putting customers at the center of strategy, leadership behaviors, and everyday operations — an approach that Forrester calls customer obsession. Most government organizations want to be more customer obsessed. But […]

“Predictive” Marks A New Era In Customer Experience Management

Steven Peltzman November 4, 2021
Forrester has launched a new feature in its FeedbackNow platform that lets brands move into the predictive era of customer experience. Learn more here.

Winning Executive Support To Establish, Fund, And Scale CX

Angelina Gennis June 22, 2021
Discover the critical elements of a CX function that wins executive buy-in and is able to successfully get funding and scale up.

It’s Time For CX Governance To Grow Up

Judy Weader June 22, 2021
We’ve just published some new research that talks about better paths to address the key challenges that doomed previous approaches to customer experience (CX) governance. We found that, when CX leaders think about setting up CX governance, they should: Align to the corporate culture. Creating a separate CX governance structure in an organization that already […]

It Takes Hard Data And Soft Power To Ensure CX Success

Rick Parrish April 21, 2021
CX leaders must organize stakeholders enterprise-wide – often without direct authority over the people, process, and technology they need to influence. But how? Get a preview of the CX North America 2021 keynote.

CX Can Thrive In The Downturn

CX leaders can boost their organization's economic resilience. Find out how in this complimentary report.


Go 5D With Forrester’s Advanced CX Prioritization Model

Judy Weader March 12, 2021
In my earlier posts about customer experience (CX) prioritization, focusing on Forrester’s beginner-level and intermediate-level models, I covered the use of criteria around customer impact, business impact, and (when you get to intermediate) feasibility as a means of determining which CX-related projects you should pursue or put to the side. Moving up to advanced mode […]

Advanced CX Measurement Programs: Beyond Surveys; Journey-Centric; Proactive

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian March 4, 2021
Explore what distinguishes an advanced CX measurement program and how to recalibrate your customer experience measurement strategy to achieve more.

How To Build A Mature CX Measurement Program

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian March 4, 2021
Discover the three stages of building a mature CX measurement program that fuels business success and customer loyalty, and how to get started.

The State Of Consumer Trust

What It Means February 18, 2021
Is consumer trust disappearing? Join Senior Analyst Anjali Lai to explore why trust isn’t going away. Instead, it’s being earned in new ways and directed toward new entities.

Five Ways To Ensure Deep Collaboration Between Marketing And CX

Rick Parrish December 14, 2020
CX and marketing can master the new normal by reinventing their relationship with each other. Learn five proven strategies for creating deep and sustained collaboration between CX and marketing.

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Extend The Life Of Your Chatbots By Looking Beyond The Holiday Season

Ian Jacobs October 21, 2020
Let’s just get it out of the way at the start of this blog: COVID-19 has remade retail and has forced a rapid shift toward digital customer service interactions. And now the holidays are nigh, and e-commerce seems to be the order of the day (or the “plague year”). To help with this rush of […]

US Federal CX Eked Out A New High But Still Trails The Private Sector

Rick Parrish October 1, 2020
Federal CX scores increased slightly in the 2020 CX Index. Discover what customers thought of federal agencies from the National Park Service to the IRS in this blog post.

In 2019, Southwest Had A CX Disaster; In 2020, Its Customers Forgave The Airline — Here’s Why

Harley Manning August 3, 2020
I predicted that Southwest would recover in the CX Index due to the CX equity it has built with its customers. As it turned out, Southwest not only recovered, it set a new high score for the industry and passed JetBlue to take the top spot among airlines.
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