David Schoenberg, Director of Customer Experience, PG&E and John Lincoln, Customer Experience Leader, Duke Energy


Show notes:

The utilities industry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about customer experience transformation. But times are changing as competition heats up and customers’ expectations for real-time interactions accelerate.

Utilities serve a vast set of customers with varying needs and backgrounds — it’s an outdated notion for companies to think they can treat all customers the same. For two big utilities players, Duke Energy and PG&E, CX strategy is crucial to keeping customers satisfied. Both companies recognize the financial and ethical impact of serving customers to the best of their ability — whether that means more seamless interactions or quicker communications during outages. But there is still progress to be made on the CX front.

In this episode, John Lincoln, customer experience leader at Duke Energy, and David Schoenberg, director of customer experience at PG&E, talk through what it means to lead CX transformation in the utilities industry.