Martin Gill, Research Director

Show Notes:

Digital transformation has come to mean so many things that it’s almost meaningless. Companies have automated call centers, digitized sales channels, and catered to mobility — but does that really count as transformation? 

The answer is no. Digital isn’t a channel — and transformation isn’t a project. The fundamental purpose of digital transformation is not to digitize an existing state but to reimagine an entirely different business model that habitually places technology at its core. 

Customers and small businesses can more easily pivot to a more digital state. But the same can’t be said for incumbent businesses, whose legacy baggage acts more like shackles to drown them than a platform to stand on. 

In this episode, Martin Gill discusses how businesses like John Deere and BMW have worked around their analog states to create something new and digital and how firms on their transformation journeys can address the structure and processes holding them back.