J.P. Gownder, Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Sam Stern, Principal Analyst.

J. P. Gownder 

Show Notes:

In the organization of the future, humans will work in tandem with a wide range of robots. This will transform employee experience and culture. 

To leverage technology and maintain excellent EX, workers must trust bots. This trust won’t be easy to achieve, as people’s opinions of robots tend to skew negative. For example, take the public fear that automation technologies will create massive unemployment. 

In order to get employees excited about their new robotic coworkers, firms will need to demonstrate to employees how they stand to benefit. Existing data shows that people enjoy their jobs more after robotic process automation (RPA) relieves them of mundane, hassle-filled tasks. Organizations can use these positive experiences to start shifting their workplace culture to think optimistically about robotics, rather than seeing robots in the workplace as a threat or something to fear.  

In this episode, Analysts J. P. Gownder and Sam Stern discuss how businesses can assess their team’s readiness for automation and carefully consider the impact on employees. 

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