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Oliwia Berdak, Principal Analyst

Show Notes:

A claim is the “moment of truth” between insurers and customers. It’s when insurers must deliver on their core purpose: protecting the customer.

But today’s market factors — rising customer expectations, financial pressures, a changing risk climate, and digital disruptors — are making it harder for insurers to uphold this promise. This isn’t to say the situation is unsolvable, but the tried-and-true business models of the past are no longer enough. Insurers must rethink claims.

In this episode, Principal Analyst Oliwia Berdak discusses the key to claims transformation: putting the customer at the center of the design. By solving organizational and data silos and using technology wisely and well (i.e., in service of customers), insurers can not only deliver on their promise but also boost bottom-line performance.